Wellcome to our products for sale web page, here you will find all the wonderfull pieces of art create by our ever most diverse population of artists.
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Empty Element Description/Artist Price/Country
double-spouted  water jar double-spouted water jars. Made from clay mixed with various kinds of inclusions, such as sand, shells, and water. $ 25 each
Gino Garcia Brazil
Savi Masks savi masks carved from soft wood, although some are made of clay over-modeled onto turtle or coconut shell.. $ 80 each
Carolyn Leigh New Guinea
hand-dipped wax candles hand-dipped wax candles . pure dark beeswax with handmade natural flaxen inen wicking. $ 30 dozen
Jeffry Feeger Congo
Tunisian pots Tunisian pots Clay is gathered from the nearby hills of Sejnane, hand-fashioned into pots, fired in low-fire outdoor pits. $ 75 each
Abdelaziz Gorgi Tunisia
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