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Featured Artist, Gino Garcia


Photo of Gino Garcia

Brazil, South America

Thanks for visiting this web page. Let me introduce myself: I was born in Rio de Janeiro(its name is Portuguese for “river of January”), South America. This cosmopolitan city of 6,136,652 inhabitants, offers the visitor a wide range of enterteiment, from swimming and surfing in the white sandy beaches to visiting any of the 65,000 Santeria(Macumba-combination of Christian beliefs with Spirit worship) temples. It wasn't until late in my adult life that I was introduce to the art of pottery by my friendVictor Roldand, he thought me the basics of the trade and much more. Working with potters keeps me balanced and focus, it brings stability and order to my life.

Whether in items made for use or purely for decoration, below you will find a broad collection of potteries. I hope you get inspired by the hiding beauty of this potters and decide to support this form of expression. Remember pottery makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Product of the Week

double-spouted water jar

“…Ceramics is one of the oldest and most expressive of Brazilian cultural traditions. This tradition is particularly rich in the Amazon region, where ceramic art is extraordinarily beautiful and varied, the result of the cultural diversity and advanced level of those who inhabited the region in pre-Colombian times. This is true of the Marajoara, Tapajônica, Maracá, Cunani and Konduri traditions of ceramic art, among others..." Daniel F.Lopes, Senior Specialist, Museum Emílio Goeldi – Belém - PA

In our product of the week we are featuring beautiful double-spouted one handle hand made water jars, they are believed to be first created in 200-500 AD using the Marajoara method. Made from clay mixed with various kinds of inclusions, such as sand or shells, and water. These combinations create a material that can be formed into almost any shape a potter can imagine. Once the pot is formed, it is dried and then fired in an open-pit fire or kiln to create a hard and durable vessel.

Other Products

New Guinea mask

A savi mask is about power, including the power to counter black magic. All savi have their tongues stuck out as a sign of aggression towards enemies of their clan. In the men's ceremonial Haus Tambarans, the orator's stools are savis and also many of the gable masks, as savis are at the top of the power structure. Savis do not need to be danced to bring power, just gathering them is enough. Only certain powerful men may lower the savi tumbuans from their storage position in the Haus Tambanum.

Sugested price: $80 dollars

Hand-dipped candles

These small hand-dipped candles are very special and are made by the same method with the same materials used for centuries before there was manufactured wicking. The candles are pure dark beeswax with handmade natural flaxen inen wicking. The bumpiness is natural due to the unevenness of the homespun flax wicking. In early times the lightest and brightest beeswax was saved for church candles.

Suggested price: $25 dollars

Tunisian Pots

Tunisian pots: In the Northern village of Sejnane, a rather primitive form of pottery is produced. Clay is gathered from the nearby hills, hand-fashioned into pots, fired in low-fire outdoor pits. These large pots can be use for large plants or just for decorative purpose. Available in natural, blue, or green colors.

Sugggested price: $75 dollars

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Revised 03/01/2009