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Welcome to our all artists page, below is a list of our current artists sorted in alphabetical order. Just clik on the artist's name to view his/her page.
From time to time we add new artists to our database, so please visit us frequently to enjoy our new profiles.

Fernando Botero

Fernado Botero


My work includes still-lifes and landscapes, but I tend to primarily focus on situational portraiture. My paintings and sculptures are, on first examination, noted for their exaggerated proportions and the corpulence of the human and animal figures.

The "large people" is what they are often called by critics. I try to explain the use of obese figures and forms thus: "An artist is attracted to certain kinds of form without knowing why. You adopt a position intuitively; only later do you attempt to rationalize or even justify it."
My art sells everywhere in the world and from time to time I do work on consigment. I often donate some of my art to charities that support the arts.

Bob Cunningham

Bob Cunningham

Custom Designer

This artist lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. He studied at The Ontario College of Art, where he majored in Interiors.
Years passed and his desire to create elaborately dressed costumed figures surfaced and developed into his compulsive passion as a doll sculptor and costume designer.

Currently he has two internship openings for new artists who would like to explore the art of doll making and custom design.  You can order from his online catalog which is constantly changing or for scheduled of his gallery exhibits please check his web page.
Usha Sha

Usha Sha

Mehendi Design
Wedding Decorations

I begun experimenting with  Mehendi  since I was a little girl, it was a tradition in my family. I got a degree in Arts from the Padampa Singhania University in 1995. Right after I move to Mumbai where I got married to my partner Adiva Pham.
With our families support with opened the Mehendi Institute where we teach the art of Mehendi. We are currently taking applications for our summer internships and we offer two scholarships sponsored by the city of Mumbai.
For wedding decorations please visit my web page where you can see a wide variety of styles, each one tailored to your own specific needs.
Jackie Vome

Jackie Vome


Early in life Jackie took interest in working with clay, it all began as an extra curriculum class in high school, does when she discovered that for her to be happy in life she needed to work with her hands. She when to Birmingham City University where she got a degree in Arts.
She works out her studio in England. For a catalog of sculptures and potteries please clink on her web page link.
Orders can be made online or by mail, always remember that a uniquely design pottery or a small figurine sculpture makes for a great gift, giving you the touch of sophistication you deserve.
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