Gino's School Projects and Miscellaneous Portfolio

Gino Garcia

Here you will find the list of some of my school projects while attending classes at Madison Area Technical college. There are four to five times more the amount of projects per class that I am not posting, nor I am posting all the courses taking. Below are only the projects that in my opinion I deem worth of using up space in the World Wide Web.

Website Development-XHTML Fall of 2009-2010

Teaches the fundamentals and techniques of developing business websites using XHTML-compliant HTML5. Topics include web-page design, tables, image manipulation, image maps, forms, cascading style sheets (CSS) and an introduction to JavaScript in conjunction with forms.

Schallert, William S
Could not find a web site for Mr. Schallert.

AJAX and JavaScript Web Development Fall of 2011-2012

AJAX turns static web pages into interactive applications, allowing you to deploy rich-client applications. Course covers the basics of DHTML, JavaScript, and the XmlHttpRequest call. Students learn how to add JavaScript and AJAX to existing programs, and design new applications to exploit the power of Web 2.0. Students learn the three layers of AJAX framework, and when (and how) to use each. Students learn how to create rich clients, use visual effects, add client-side validation, and handle forms.

Teacher: Witkowski,Bryan E

Slider Project